The Wardrobe of Infinite Possibilities

Open the doors and come on in to Narnia, the wacky world inside The Wardrobe of Infinite Possibilities


A wonderful surreal experience that not only provides a dressing up opportunity but endless interactive fun with your companions.we seductively dress you and transport you to Betsy's parlour for your own personal photo shoot. Alongside there is theatre, musichall entertainment and hilarity as we give you an experince not only to remember but share with friends and family. 


This vintage wardrobe comes stuffed with a variety of fancy things to dress up your party, festival or wedding. Choose from vintage and bohemian dressing up to zingy coloured boas, glasses, tashes and hats to suit all.


But that's not all. We also have an array of animals for you to hold. Stuffed ferrets, plush fluffy cats and rubber over-sized frogs (all artificial), signage and frames making this the wackiest wardrobe ever! 


The wonderful Vintage Wardrobe comes with appropriately dressed hosts, who will assist you in dressing up, entertain you and take as many photographs as you like against the voluptuous backdrop. 

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"We were at The Village Pump festival and loved the wardrobe! A wonderful piece of performance that the visitor is able to take part in and for a moment be submerged in this miniature crazy world!" - Helen Chester

"...loved the wardrobe of infinite possibilities! Hilarious and wonderful. A delight." - Emma Richer

"Thought they were fantastic at Cornbury Festival 2016" - Theresa Foster

"Fabulous evening and amazing photos!" -  Suki Nagra 

"So much fun with you guys." -  Louise Coke Norris 


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