Event Decorating

So you're having a celebration and you are faced with an empty field or an empty room.

Panic sets in. I know that feeling...but turn that anxiety into excitment and go with your gut feeling. Deep breath, notebook and go.

Bunting, balloons, tables, seating plans, bar, flowers, favours, ahhhhh....the list goes on.

There is so much pressure to go with the latest trend, to get carried away with this season's must haves and why not? It's your special occassion, why shouldn't you? And I agree. BUT is it what you really want?

As an event decorator I am often faced with people having to compromise on all sorts of things so we start by making a list of all the things you like. We look at the absolute neccessities and then we look at the desirables. I apply costs to each item and look at what could be made rather than bought (a good example is jam jars in lieu of candle holders and tin cans in lieu of vases). Money saved already!

A colour theme is always a good starting point. This can then conjure up different directions and styles for your overall look. Fresh yellow and limes might suggest elegant English gardens whilst rich reds and magentas might stir up thoughts of Medieval Europe or North Africa. Once you have these images in mind ideas start to form....terracotta pots and earthen ware, vintage glass candle sticks and embellished mirror centre pieces, lace and natural silks, herb posies and gingham.

With a breadth of experience in decorating for all occassions at all times of year we would love to offer anyone hosting any kind of celebration a personalised and free consultation. Simply contact me to discuss your requirements. We welcome clients on all budgets and locations within the GL and SN areas. We aim to inpsire and we serve to satisy!

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