Celebrate Autumn

With our lovely sunny September we have been treated to some stunning sights in our parks and villages. Glowing autumnal leaves adorn our countryside and paths are too irresistible to walk down whilst kicking leaves on our way.

If you have a celebration at this time of year then use what’s around you as inspiration for your table decorations.

  1. Pick or find some bright red or orange leaves and press them in a book. They make lovely place names simply resting on a crisp white or fawn linen napkin. Spray them gold for added glitz.

  2. Delicately thread pressed leaves into bunting or use crinkled leaves to fill a vase of sprayed branches.

  3. Glue pine cones to a round cake board and fill with foliage and berries complete with a church candle. Spritz some orange scented oil for a citrus aroma.

  4. Log place cards are great for autumn and Christmas too. Find a broken branch about 4cms circumference and chop into 5cm length logs. Make an incision and insert your place card.

  5. Wrap rosemary and bay leaves around your glass stems or napkins with rustic string.

  6. Make a centre piece out of freshly picked apples and pears, leave their leaves on and add pheasant feathers in amongst. Complete with a wide church candle or nestle fairy lights in amongst.

  7. Use tin cans to wrap string and hessian around. These are lovely to hold cutlery or flowers in the middle of the table.

  8. Decorate jam jars with leaves and wall paper paste. The candle glow will create interesting shapes around the leaf silhouettes.

  9. For a very rustic look, place a tall vase inside a Wellington boot and fill with brambles and thistles. Smatter with gold spray and add an old- gold wired-edge ribbon to complete the look.

Whatever your celebration take a look around you for fresh ideas. It’s all on your door step.

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